Privacy Policy

What Is 1HiMovie? 

Created in 2021, to allow all internet users to watch or stream content without having to pay such a price. We try to increase daily of the content that can be watched from our site. We are still on the low side, comparted to many others that are already online. 

Is it legal to use 1HiMovie? 

Anyone can use this place at any time. We do not claim to own anything or promotions of the content. We simply connect to third parties that already have it free and open to the public. It is only against the law when it comes to downloading the content. We do not provide any links that promote that kind of opportunities. 

Is there an APP for 1HiMovie? 

Not at this point there is not any apps, that support this. There may in the future at some point. Rest assure that you can easily use a mobile or web browser to navigate the site with ease. Any browser in general will work. For we have tried them all, and they work and stream the content just fine. 


Yes, we do tend to update and go through everything weekly. That is to make sure that all is working to the order we have it set. If for any reason the site may be busy or down, no worries for it will be in working order in no time. Just be a little patient. 

How is the streaming? 

The quality of the content does seem to load rather quickly, giving that you have reliable fast internet. Dial-up will not work for this site. (If in case people still use dial-up.) There are no commercials within any of the content. On the other hand there will be a few pop up ads in the background that you can easily X out of with no worries. We don't control the ads that do pop up from the content you choice to watch. For again we connect to the third party who is in control of them. 

Creating an Account? 

You will never be asked to create an account to watch or view anything that is provided within this site. So keep in mind, you are very much on the safe side. We don't want your email, name or anything on the personal side. We are free to browse through at any time. If you are still somewhat unuse, you can always use a VPN. 


If you have any questions of any kind, do be sure to drop us a message and we will be happy to take a look at it. All messages are welcomed.